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University of Scouting Take Home Material

For five years I taught Cubmaster 101 and Pack Meetings with Pizzaz! You can find that reference material at

In 2016 I started teaching two new courses that I have a passion for, singing and skits. Here is the reference material for both of those classes.

Transform Your Meetings Through Song!

What’s the perfect time for a scout to sing? Anytime! Adding songs and cheers to your meetings can be a truly transformative experience. Can’t carry a tune? Don’t like singing in front of others? Don’t Worry, you can be the song leader of your dreams. Come find out how. Your den or pack meetings will never be the same!

The song sheets are in MS Word format, so that you can edit them to your heart’s delight.

Here are the examples that I used in class:

Unleash The Power of Skits and Stories!

Learn how to use skits and stories to ratchet up the fun and excitement of any scout gathering. At the same time, help your scouts learn two important life skills: public speaking and getting up in front of a crowd. We all have an inner muse, let’s find it together!

Here are the examples that I used in class:





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